Call Center Solutions

What do your interest owners say about your company?


“…I couldn’t believe a company representative actually answered my calls. They were knowledgeable, efficient and I had all my questions answered on the spot. Our other producers make me push 7 buttons just to leave a message…”

PDS Call Center Services provides the flexibility to meet your needs as they change.

  • We can manage 100% of your owner calls or simply serve in an overflow capacity to assist your existing staff when they are on calls, out of the office, etc., ensuring all calls are answered during business hours.
  • A number of our agents have over 15 years direct land and/or accounting experience.
  • Our dynamic pricing model means your cost goes up or down as your call volume changes – you are never locked into a long term contract.
  • Our state of the art telephone technology allows for complete customization of the call routing, management and reporting process.
  • PDS offers a unique one month trial to provide a detailed assessment of the true number and nature of your owner/partner calls. At the end of the trial, you are provided with a comprehensive report enabling you to make an informed, objective decision based on facts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to speak to a live person?
Yes – Rest assured that when an owner calls and immediately has their questions answered by a live person, it reduces the chances of issues multiplying. Our PDS representatives can be reached M-F, 8am – 5pm, every business day. No vacation, no leaves, no sick days, no training, no turnover.

Is my account information kept on file?
Yes – PDS uses a CRM database to ensure that all owner contacts are readily available to various departments. Having a single system to maintain detailed records of all owner interactions accessible to all potentially affected departments is invaluable in providing the most effective, efficient services to your owners as well as minimizing duplicate errors across departments.

Will PDS need access to our in-house systems?
That’s up to you – The efficiency in which we can resolve your inquiries is clearly dependent on our access to information. If we are operating your owner relations website, we will typically have access to sufficient information to digest 50-60% of your calls without the need of contacting your in-house resources. Most companies develop a sense of comfort and allow our agents access to their in-house systems within the first year of operation.