Frac Interference Exchange

Offered as a free service to the oil & gas industry, the PDS Frac Interference Exchange is a reciprocal data sharing network for oil & gas companies to share hydraulic fracturing schedules. By sharing frac schedules, operators can proactively prevent the safety and economic risks posed by simultaneous fracking and nearby well operations.

Industry Challenge

Offset hydraulic frac identification and well preparation is an ongoing problem facing producers across multiple basins.  Horizontal drilling has led to lateral wells extending outward a mile or more from a surface drilling location.  Pared with close well spacing in many onshore producing regions, hydraulic fracturing on a well adjacent to other wells – either producing or being drilled – creates significant risks.  These include a blow-out and water-out as high pressure from fracking forces gas and liquids through a shared subsurface producing zone and upward in nearby wells.

The Frac Interference Exchange (FRACX) mitigates these risks by enabling oil & gas producers to seamlessly share information about their frac operations.

Simple Benefits

  • Aggregate frac schedules for a region to get a complete view of planned fracking activity.
  • Share risk assessments with other FRACX participants to avoid potential safety risks and economic waste.
  • Easily upload frac schedules to the cloud-based PDS network.
  • Granular access controls allow each operator to share schedules only with approved FRACX users.
  • Easy access from anywhere using a web browser.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the Frac Interference Exchange?

Because acreage often offsets multiple different operators (both at surface and underground), the ability to share fracking schedules is critical to avoid hazards and economic waste.

How do I add frac schedules to the exchange?

Frac schedule data is loaded manually or via an excel import.  Data is exported via excel.

Who can join the Frac Interference Exchange?

Participation in the PDS Frac Interference Exchange is open to producers with drilling and production operations in the United States or Canada.

What is the cost to join the Frac Interference Exchange?

The Frac Interference Exchange is provided free of charge as a service to the oil & gas industry.  For more information on joining, please contact PDS Energy today.

Join the Frac Interference Exchange for Free

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