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PDS Energy started with an idea: provide energy companies the opportunity to deliver their owners pertinent information in a timely and efficient manner and turn that idea into a successful and thriving business. That same ambition still exists today at PDS Energy. If you feel you are a good fit for the opportunities below, please contact



Employment Opportunities





Basic Requirements:
.NET background with 3-5 years experience preferred

Within .NET:
C# programming (primary)
VB (secondary)
Emphasis on classing, name spacing and separation of application layers a necessity.
Must be able to read and work with classic ASP and VB (not .NET).
Transact-SQL (T-SQL) experience
Moderate to Advanced Stored Procedure Scripting
Hard Coding & Dynamic SQL Generation
Query & Database Optimization
Experience with large systems a +
Crystal Reports experience a +
Any reporting experience above and beyond raw SQL queries is a desired +
Oil & Gas Industry experience a + (secondary to experience specified above, but very valuable).

PDS Energy Information is a Microsoft Shop (other experience will be considered, but ability to function in Microsoft Design Methodologies is paramount and takes precedent).

To apply, please send resume to:






Internships may be available for students seeking experience similar to the above. Students should be involved in scholastic programs related to this experience, and have an active interest and desire to learn (self-directed, and via asking questions of senior developers).

To apply, please send resume to: