Well Data Exchange

The PDS Well Data Exchange is a professionally managed, reciprocal well data sharing system offering operated daily report distribution, an online partner portal for distributing your data, automated OBO data loads into your WellView, and live 24/7 support.

Simple Benefits

  • Elimination of generation and maintaining distribution lists for vendors as well as significantly mitigating risk of missed emails, using incorrect lists, etc.
  • Elimination of generation and maintaining distribution list in WellView
  • Elimination of partner support functions such as resends, contact changes, etc.
  • Substantially reduce the need for and exposure from timely and accurate sharing of ownership updates internally
  • Single point of contact for partner interactions, information sharing and administration
  • Live personal onboarding, training, 24/7 support and monitoring
  • Nightly sync to internal data stores
  • Multi-tenant environment

Frequently Asked Questions

How will our partners gain access to our data via the PDS Well Data Exchange?

PDS’ support staff will personally contact each of your partners to assist them in using the PDS WDX website for partner reports. An Administrator at each partner company will be identified and can create additional accounts for others at the partner company as needed, eliminating partner support functions at your company and the maintenance of partner report distribution lists in WellView. Every individual user can decide how they would like to receive their data–whether it’s via email, or by logging in and retrieving it via the website.

Can I receive OBO partner reports in a WellView format?

Yes – PDS provides an automated WellView data import solution that seamlessly loads your non-op data into WellView, and allows you to share data with your partners through the PDS Well Data Exchange without managing peer-to-peer sharing arrangements.

What types of documents can be distributed via the PDS WDX?

The Well Data Exchange Platform is customizable and can be used to distribute surveys, logs, AFEs, permits, plats, daily partner reports, sensitive internal documents, end-of-well reports and more.

Joining the Well Data Exchange

For more information and details on how to join the PDS Well Data Exchange, please contact us.

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