E-Ticket Exchange

The PDS E-Ticket Exchange is a professionally managed digital field ticket collection and distribution service that automates the transfer of data between logistics service providers and oil & gas operating companies.  By adopting paperless ticketing, midstream companies save significant time and money while operators gain instant access to crude oil sales data and other transactions, including water disposal.

Simple Benefits

  • Gives operators and haulers a single point of contact for all field tickets, reducing the number of individual integrations required to share ticket data.
  • Optimize daily decision-making by tracking sales runs and water hauls in real-time
  • Electronic ticket collection and delivery eliminate the risks associated with error prone paper processes and manual data entry
  • Automated data processing, tank number conversions, and net volume calculations
  • Enforce master data standards and validate data entry for leases, wells, tanks, and delivery locations
  • Enhanced operational view and control for trucking supervisors, dispatchers, and production operations
  • Data integrations with commercial digital field ticketing solutions and mobile apps
  • Live personal onboarding, training, 24/7 support and monitoring
  • Bank grade security and multi-tenant environment ensure the highest security
  • E-mail, FTP, and web service API data delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Besides e-mail, FTP, or web service, can I access my ETX data online?

Yes, all participants in the E-Ticket Exchange have access to a web-based portal to view field ticket transactions, which offers additional features for managing field work, purchase orders, and invoices.

What types of transactions does E-Ticket Exchange support?

ETX can receive tickets for crude oil, water, rejects, split loads, sand, oil-service hot shots, or any other oil service transaction.

I’m an operator, how do I receive my ETX data?

We work with each client to determine the preferred method of delivery, which includes transmitting transaction data in exactly the right format for seamless integration into your production accounting system.  Prior to delivery, ETX will perform all necessary data transformations, including data normalization and master data lookups.  Your data will then be delivered by e-mail, FTP or directly into your back-office system via our API.

I’m a service provider, how do I send my data to the E-Ticket Exchange?

PDS ETX supports the entire ecosystem of digital field ticketing solutions.  We aggregate data from commercial software products and mobile apps, including QV21, ShaleApps, Trimble, and PDS’ own Field Ticket Pro products.  If your company has a proprietary, custom built solution, PDS will integrate directly with your systems via web service or FTP data transfer.

Joining the E-Ticket Exchange

For more information and details on how to join the PDS E-Ticket Exchange, please contact us.

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