What We Do

PDS provides technology to efficiently transfer information electronically and access, integrate and manage data. Our services allow companies to enhance productivity by accelerating information flow, reducing cost, and delivering consistent, timely and complete information to their business partners.

Owner Relations Management Systems – Offer easy access to owner information and include:

Website Management – Grants interest owners secure internet access to their revenue check details, joint interest billing statements, 1099s, owner forms and other important information.

IVR/Automated Phone System – Allows users to obtain check information based on owner number.

Interest Owner Relations Group – Provides “live” responses from experienced team members to owner inquiries via phone calls and email.

TariffMaster – Provides centralized web access to pipeline and tariff information for the United States and Canada, which enables companies to research and analyze data. It also allows customers to seamlessly integrate data into their trading, accounting and marketing systems.

PDS Exchange – Our Exchange Solutions enable companies to automatically exchange data which can be integrated into their systems, as well as importing, exporting and distributing the information to its customers. Our exchange services include:

Gas Balancing Statement Exchange
Production Data Exchange
Checkstub Data Exchange (CDEX)
Crude Oil Data Exchange (CODE)