Owner Relations Services

PDS Energy operates the largest network of interest owner portals in the industry. Operators of all sizes utilize our client-branded websites to allow their owners to access all types of information in a secure, self-service environment. Initially developed to provide royalty check detail, PDS sites now allow for the hosting and email distribution of numerous types of documents. As technology acceptance improves, an increasing number of clients are able to completely eliminate their print, stuff and mail processes for a number of document types as well as enable their partners to access their information in various electronic formats and seamlessly integrate with the PDS exchange.

Over 85 companies now use PDS to host their owner portals, encompassing processes such as:

Revenue Check Detail
Gas Balancing Statements
Joint Interest billings (JIBs)
Payout Statements
1099s and Other Tax Forms
Vendor Payment (AP)
Monthly Partner Production
Vendor Invoice Status
Daily Production Data
AFEs (Interactive)
Drilling Reports
Gas Plant Statements
Well Logs