Gas Balancing Exchange

Our platform allows companies to access and download gas balancing statements with additional custom options to allow for high level tracking of imbalances.

Simple Benefits

  • Easily upload your operated gas balancing statements to the cloud-based PDS network for publication on the PDS Exchange and automated email distribution to your working interest owners.
  • Access, view and download your OBO statement data from any operator participating in the PDS Exchange from a single location versus multiple websites.
  • Self-service data access and reporting provides near real-time global position summary reports, communication tracking between parties, and automated makeup request management.
  • Granular access controls allow each operator to share OBO data only with approved Gas Balancing Exchange users.
  • Secure access from anywhere using a web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many oil & gas companies participate in the exchange?

PDS WDX, E-Ticket, FracX, and CODE exchange solutions are currently used by 95% of Fortune 500 energy companies. We expect similar rapid adoption of the Gas Balancing Exchange.

Didn’t PDS Offered Gas Balancing Volumes in the Past?

Yes, PDS was the original developer of the gas balancing exchange in 2008. The platform was acquired by Oildex in 2017 and went through a couple of successor entities prior to Enverus notifying the participants of their intention to decommission the platform in 2022. Having most of the same core team that originally developed the platform, PDS was able to successfully rebuild the core components of the gas statement exchange.

Do you offer custom OBO datasets or EDI?

Custom OBO datasets and automated EDI delivery are available for a simple flat fee per well. Contact us for our current Gas Balancing Exchange data rates.

How much does it cost to join the PDS Gas Balancing Exchange?

Basic features of the Gas Balancing Exchange, including download of PDF statements, are provided free of charge as a service to the oil & gas industry. For more information on joining, please contact PDS Energy today.

Who can join the PDS Gas Balancing Exchange?

Participation in the PDS Gas Balancing Exchange is open to producers with operations in the United States or Canada.


Need Technical Support?

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